Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s next operator is played by an Italian singer


You may not have heard of him, but Italy certainly has – and you’ll now get to know him as Call of Duty’s newest operator.

Meet Fabio Rovazzi, Italian “singer, author, actor, director [and] friend of Will Smith” who’s become the face of Morte, an Italian special forces operator who’s arriving in Modern Warfare and Warzone tomorrow. Rovazzi’s managed to rack up some serious views with his hit songs Andiamo a Comandare and Tutto Molto Interessante (with 182m and 147m views on YouTube respectively), and after meeting some Infinity Ward devs at a sci-fi convention, he’s bagged himself a place as an in-game character.

“Being a character in Call of Duty has always been a secret and impossible dream of mine,” said Rovazzi. “There are no words to describe the excitement of the opportunity to give my voice and my appearance to an operator.”

Inspired by Italian-Western films of the 1960s and 70s, Sergio “Morte” Sulla has a cowboy hat and a suitably wild backstory. Heralding from Salerno, Sulla was a kid with a passion for Western films and a “dream of becoming a law enforcer”. He instead ended up in juvenile jail for being a little over-zealous from defending locals from bullies, before enlisting in the special forces and serving in Iraq and Libya. Apparently even this didn’t suit him, and so he ended up as a Warcom operator.

This appears to be the first time Infinity Ward has used a famous face for an operator in Modern Warfare, so perhaps the studio plans to do more celebrity tie-ins in future. My money’s on Geoff Keighley.